Squirrel Almost Pulls Off Ultimate Escape Act As Bobcat Has It Trapped On Tree

Bobcat attacks squirrel

Notice that I said “almost” in the headline…

This squirrel showed off some incredible speed and elusiveness, and though it made an incredible run, the bobcat eventually outsmarts it.

The video looks to be in a tropical climate of the United States (Florida) since the “cartoon-like” chase down happens around a palm tree. If you put in old timey, silent movie music to this video, it almost perfectly matches the antics of the bobcat shimmying around the tree to get the squirrel.

The young bobcat met its match with this smart squirrel, who was able to match the bobcat’s every move. Bobcat went right, squirrel went right. Bobcat goes down and to the left, squirrel mirrors it.

The squirrel was pulling off an absolute Houdini-level strategy, doing everything in its power to keep the tree in between itself and the big cat. When you watch the video, you might even let out a laugh as the squirrel continues to make all the right moves. That is, until it didn’t…

Props to the camera person for staying still and capturing the whole chase down. You could tell that the bobcat noticed the person filming at the beginning of the video when it looked right at them, but it quickly got back to the matter at hand. It took every ounce of the bobcat’s brain power to figure out the intelligent squirrel’s next move.

I think we were all rooting for the squirrel to pull off the great escape, but unfortunately the squirrel runs out of moves and the bobcat finally grows wise enough to get off the tree and use its speed.

In classic squirrel fashion, it zigged when it should’ve zagged, and the bobcat won the battle.

However, let’s give the squirrel some major props. It put up one hell of a fight and I think it was one good move away from escaping the chase down unscathed.

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