Brave Dog Has Stare-Off With Bear Outside Window

Bear dog

How about this for a guard dog?

A bear in Patterson, New York had climbed up a tree adjacent to a home and peered into the window. Looking right back at it, with no fear at all, a terrier held its own against the bigger bear.

Erica Barretto was the homeowner who videoed this encounter with a bear outside her window. She is also a very proud owner of Benjamin, the terrier that stood tall against the wild animal, even if the interaction was through the window.

As I watch the video, I can’t help but notice (or at least think I notice) that the window appears to be open? There might be a screen portion of the window, or the window very well could be closed, but I’ve seen a number of open windows in my life, and I think this is one of them.

If that is the case, this dog deserves some sort of bravery award. It is one thing to look at a bear from behind a somewhat safe barrier of a glass window. If this dog is just going eye to eye with this bear and its just open air in between them, that raises the stakes.

Regardless, Benjamin the terrier is a very good boy and things seem to stay pretty peaceful between the dog and the bear. Watch for yourself and see the unbelievable video of the staring contest:

So did you think the window was open too? Has to be right?

Looks like no one really had to worry about it, but if I were the dog owner, I would’ve walked over and slammed that window shut. Probably not the best decision to make fast movements around a bear (I actually know it isn’t), but I would still feel safer if the window was closed.

Benjamin the Terrier is the early leader in the clubhouse for 2023’s Good Boy of the Year.

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