Big Sky Morons Mess With Moose, Moose Doesn’t Hesitate To Teach Them A Lesson


Believe it or not, moose injure more people than bears every year… this is why.

The incident took place in Big Sky, Montana and has prompted the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Department to look into it.

The video was recorded and posted by Jake Hopfensperger, who tried his best (in an expletive-riddled plea) to deter two drunk bar-goers from messing with a wild moose in the parking lot.

The video begins with Hopfensperger trying to persuade the two gentlemen to move away from the massive animal. As drunk people usually do, they decided to continue to be stupid and egg on the moose. At one point, Hopfensperger tires with reasoning with them and basically says “yeah be dumb idiots and try to touch the moose.”

One of the guys near the moose at one point responded with:

“What? Is it your moose?”

Officially, considering that the wildlife department is looking into it, that is not funny.

Unofficially, that comeback is damn funny.

That being said, I’m rooting for the moose…

However, as life usually goes, when you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. One of the two drunks goes up to touch the moose, and the moose begins to charge them. The idiot that touched it then falls down on the icy parking lot, all while the Instagram-video-bystander shouts:

“Yeah, get him! Get him! Get him!”

The man was rooting for the moose like it was his favorite UFC fighter in a main card fight. Unfortunately, the video stops after the moose chases the two individuals behind a car, but you can clearly see it throwing some kicks.

Moose kick with both their front and back legs, and while a back kick has enough force to kill you, their more common front kicks have enough power behind them to easily break bones.

The Instagram video owner stated that he was unsure if the two guys were uninjured, but mentioned that the moose was just fine.

He captioned the post with the following:

“Well, since it’s already all over the internet… pardon my French in the video, but this past Wednesday a couple of friends and I, albeit at the bar, did our best to deter these guys from harassing a moose.

I’m not proud of, eventually, tiring of trying to prevent them from touching the moose and then egging the moose on, but this is a video displaying the definition of  ‘f*** around and find out.'”

Watch the crazy video below, and just a disclaimer, there are a fair share of curse words shouted in the video (don’t watch it with the volume up at work or around the kids):

The two guys had it coming to them.

I think the guy behind the camera did the right thing, but trying to reason with stupid is usually a fool’s errand… stupid didn’t listen.

For our hero behind the camera’s sake, hopefully the Montana Wildlife Department doesn’t have a “Good Samaritan Law” like the Massachusetts small town did in the Seinfeld Finale…

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