Georgette Jones To Headline Grand Ole Opry Show On 25th Anniversary Of The Death Of Her Mother, Tammy Wynette

Georgette Jones country music
Alan Mercer

What a special way to honor the one and only Tammy Wynette.

Georgette Jones, the daughter of iconic country couple Tammy and George Jones, will take the stage at the Grand Ole Opry this Thursday, April 6th for a very special evening.

She will headline a show in honor of her mother’s passing 25 years ago on April 6th, 1998, and Georgette will be performing “My Man” and “Till I Can Make It On My Own.”

Georgette has performed with her mom at the Opry many times since she was a little girl and as a solo performer as an adult, but this occasion will be unlike any of the other previous shows.

She says the Opry and Ryman were very important to Tammy, as she had always grown up listening to the Opry and hoping to play it herself one day:

“The Opry and the Ryman were very important to mom. She grew up listening to the Opry on WSM and always dreamed of having the honor of playing there.

It really meant the world to her to stand in the circle and to be part of the Opry family. As a child, I ran the halls backstage along with many other artists’ children and grandchildren.

I have the best memories being there not only for Opry appearances, but for award and TV shows as well. It was a big extended family environment that I am grateful to have experienced.”

She also told a great story about a little backstage fiasco that occurred with Tammy, Loretta Lynn and Barbara Mandrell and a missing pair of special diamond earrings:

“Loretta, Mom, and Barbara Mandrell were all sharing a dressing room. That day was Barbra Mandrell’s anniversary, and her husband Ken had just gifted her with a pair of beautiful diamond earrings.

She had misplaced them in the dressing room and panicked because she couldn’t find them. She said, ‘Ken’s going to kill me, help me find them.’ So, the three country legends got on their hands and knees intent on finding the earrings.

Just then, Ken knocked on the door and stepped in, and a brutally honest Loretta blurted out ‘Barbra done lost her diamond earrings!’ and Barbra responded, ‘I told you not to tell him!’ and mom just fell on the floor hysterically laughing.

In the end they found the diamond earrings, and all was well, but mom always loved to tell this story even years later. Can’t you just get the visual?”

How funny is that to think about? To have been a fly on that wall…

In addition to Georgette taking the stage at the Opry this Thursday, Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers, Lauren Alaina, Lauren Mascitti, Wendy Moten, and Chuck Meade will also be part of the show.

And it’s safe to say that Georgette came by her beautiful voice very honestly, because she sounds so much like her mom singing her iconic hit “Stand By Your Man” 10 years ago at a show in Nashville, so if you’re able to make it to the Opry for this show, it will surely be an awesome event:

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