Tommy Prine Drops New Single, “Reach The Sun,” Ahead Of Upcoming Debut Album

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Tommy Prine

Tommy Prine is back with another spectacular single.

As the June release of his debut album inches closer and closer, Prine continues to keep fans interested and build suspense with the release of his latest single “Reach the Sun.”

In typical Prine fashion, this tune is a lyrical powerhouse that evokes emotion in a manner few songwriters are capable of.

While I could be off here, the song seems to be written from the viewpoint of a narrator who is missing their significant other while away on the road, yearning for the good old days they spent together while staying optimistic for the future and better times to come.

Give the song a listen for yourself here:

“So please pickup I need someone
Just to talk to when I fall through
Shadows move on the walls too
When I call you, remind me and speak
Of only the brighter things

If I reach the sun, then I’m always young with you
So let’s try
God I miss those days set the world ablaze with you
With eyes for only the brighter things
For only the brighter things…”

You can catch the music video’s premiere at the link below.

Prine’s debut album This Far South is slated to drop on June 23rd, and to be honest, there are few albums that I can think of that have had me this excited.

He dropped the album’s first single and title track “This Far South” earlier this month, and with only two singles out at the moment, Prine has set the tone for what I’m confident will be one of the best records of 2023.

Check out the setlist for This Far South below.

1. Elohim

2. Crashing Again

3. This Far South

4. Reach The Sun

5. By The Way

6. Mirror and a Kitchen Sink

7. Boyhood

8. Some Things

9. Letter to my Brother

10. Cash Carter Hill

11. I Love You, Always

With the two singles released thus far accounting for half of Prine’s short yet potent catalog, the Nashville based artist released his first official song as recently as September.

An ode to his late father, the legendary John Prine, “Ships in the Harbor” tugs at your heartstrings in the best way possible, and is one of the most impressive debut singles I’ve ever heard.

“Takes time to know when you’re wrong
Takes even longer to put it all in a song
And I wish it was easy too like he did
When I’m by peaceful waters, it gets harder and harder
I’d do anything just to talk to my father
But I guess he was leaving soon, as we do
Yeah, I guess he was passing through, and I am too…”

Tommy Prine had a special start to his career already, and if “Reach the Sun” and “This Far South” are any indication, his debut record is sure to be something special, too.

As we await the summer release of This Far South, though, the four songs in his catalog thus far will have to hold us over.

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