‘Reba’ Cast Reunited During Concert At The Hollywood Bowl


It is hard to find someone that doesn’t love a good TV show reunion.

Though Reba’s concert at the Hollywood Bowl didn’t allow for an entire cast reunion like we’ve seen recently with HBO specials surrounding Friends and Harry Potter, the small gathering of familiar faces was enough to make country music followers and fans of the show smile.

Former cast members of the hit 2000’s sitcom Reba got together and attended the concert of the Country Music Hall of Famer. Melissa Peterman, JoAnna García Swisher, and Steve Howey were all excited to see Reba after she performed at the Hollywood Bowl.

A mini Reba reunion indeed. If you thought they had fancy tickets away from the crowd or were hooked up with backstage passes courtesy of Reba, you were wrong.

A fan who was also attending the performance snapped photos of the trio who came to support their long time, country music singing friend.

Celebrities: they are just like us.

Peterman, Swisher, and Howey went to social media much of the night to give fans an inside look at the reunion. The three of them hung out before attending the concert and made sure to post some content on their Instagram accounts.

This one, captioned “Mrs. H is at the Hollwood Bowl Tonight!!!” which is a reference to Reba’s character in the show having the last name “Hart.”

And if you are thinking “wait, is that a big blowup head of Reba in that Instagram picture,” you are correct.

A “Reba on a Stick” was created by the former cast mates so that they could properly celebrate (and maybe embarrass) the legendary country singer.

Swisher says in the video:

“Reba and I are leaving, we’ll be at the Bowl.”

It was great to see cast members of the classic show back together again, even if it was only four of them. The picture of the “mini reunion” has caused many fans to call for a reboot of the show.

Modern TV is no stranger to a reboot of an old show, but Reba, as well as the other former cast members, still lead very busy lives. Reba herself as been on many shows in recent years, including The Hammer (along with Peterman) and ABC’s Big Sky.

She also still has a raving fanbase that follow her for country music and concerts, and as always with the 90’s country icon, Reba has still got it.

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