Hardy’s Family Gets Emotional Watching Him Perform “A Rock”

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Get the tissues ready.

The song “A Rock” by HARDY is an emotional rollercoaster itself, but this video of his family taking in the live performance at a concert of his turns the “tear factory” to maximum output.

The song is a poignant and sentimental look on life, and during the performance, home videos play behind HARDY on stage. The TikTok video below shows the reactions from Michael Wilson Hardy’s mother and father, as well as his sister, as they take in the concert.

The syncing of childhood videos and these touching lyrics is enough to make anyone reminisce and become nostalgic:

“When your mom and dad are ten feet tall
You got a superhero poster on your wall
Don’t know the world’s full of greed and lust
You just slide into third and ride the school bus

Wrestling is real, summer goes fast
A dollar bill feels like a wad of cash
There’s war and drugs and guns on hips
But all you’re thinkin’ bout’s how far you can skip a rock”

Go ahead and try watching this video and keeping your eyes dry:

@hardy The real OG HARDY fans right here ❤️ #arock ♬ original sound – HARDY

If you made it through that entire video without crying, what is wrong with you? Watching HARDY’s parents as they literally watch their lives flash before their eyes, laughing and crying is incredibly powerful.

You can tell they are so proud of their son as the home videos show him grow up. Even the portions of the home videos that show HARDY chugging a drink garners chuckles from the two.

They probably would’ve been livid if they saw it when they were raising him, but now that he is up on stage as a rising country music star, all his parents can do is sit back and sing along.

The 32 year old singer-songwriter clearly has talent, especially when it comes to songwriting. HARDY has written songs for Blake Shelton, Dallas Smith, and Jameson Rodgers to name a few.

In 2022, HARDY was named the Academy of Country Music’s Songwriter of the Year, a long time coming for the talented Mississippi native.

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