Five Year Old Goes On Shopping Spree, Spends $3000 On Mother’s Amazon Account

amazon girl

I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of going on an Amazon shopping spree. The site has everything you could ever think of and makes it so easy to add items to your cart or purchase right then and there with the “buy now” option. The features of Amazon are great for quick shopping, but they are a little less than ideal when a 5 year old gets a hold of it.

Lily Varisco, a 5 year old girl from West Port, Massachusetts, took advantage of the easy, buyer-friendly set up of the Amazon marketplace. On a car ride, Lily’s mom allowed for her to use her phone to play games on, but she had other plans.

Instead of playing meaningless games though, the 5 year old was busy making money moves. Lily had a pretty expensive taste in toys and fashion, spending around $3,500 dollars on battery powered motorcycles, a jeep, and a plethora of shoes.

Her mother told CNN:

“She ordered 5 pink motorcycles, 5 blue motorcycles, 10 pairs of cowgirl boots and a Jeep”

It was only when the items were delivered to their home that the mother noticed the purchases. As much as Lily would have loved to keep her 10 motorcycles (I love that she got 5 blue ones and 5 pink ones) and her 10 pairs of cowgirl boots, her mom frantically tried to contact Amazon to make returns.

Originally, it didn’t look like the returns would be successful:

“These were all originally non-refundable so I reached out to Amazon at 2 in the morning and said ‘Please, is there anything we can do?'”

Amazon eventually agreed to take back all of the items considering the situation. Lily and her mom had to pack up all 10 of the motorcycles, and the shipment of all the cowgirl boots were able to be canceled before they were shipped out of the warehouse. The motorized Jeep was already on its way, but they plan to return that as well.

Props to Amazon for being understanding, and shoutout to Lily for trying to live her best life. The mom made sure she wasn’t too hard on her daughter for the mishap and instead plans to use the whole situation as a learning lesson for Lily:

“I had to tell her that maybe if she, you know, acts right and behaves, does some chores around the house, that we can get her a bike that is more geared towards her age range. One that’s a little slower maybe.”

We can all only hope that Lily one day gets her motorcycle and cowgirl boots, and that hopefully she is able to get one of each color like she originally intended.

P.S. – Amazon, have you thought about a child lock option on your app?

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