Calf Escapes Brooklyn Slaughterhouse And Now Gets To Live Life Out In A Sanctuary


How about this for a wild escape?

The streets of Brooklyn looked like the “running of the bulls” this past Tuesday as Stewie, a four month old calf, escaped from the slaughterhouse. The video taken of the incident shows the agile cow dodging cars and pursuers, basically announcing to the world “not today” as the animal managed to elude certain death.

Workers and other individuals in the nearby area of the runaway cow decided to jump in to help capture the animal, with many of them citing the fact that they simply did not want anyone to get hurt.

All the cow was worried about was not going back to that deathtrap that is the slaughterhouse.

If you happen to be a fan of the Netflix series Ozark, a certain scene from the show’s epic last season seems to match up perfectly with the cow’s escapee-mindset:

Maybe the cow wouldn’t be thinking that though, because if someone stopped him by killing him, that would defeat the whole purpose of the escape. However, I still think the quote from Ozark’s Ruth Langmore was appropriate.

After a few minutes of the “wild cow chase,” the calf was eventually apprehended. Stewie was then sent back to the slaughterhouse, but the story doesn’t end there…

Though Stewie’s attempt to escape was thwarted and his fate seemed all but sealed as he returned to the “Cow Final Destination,” a gift from above gave him a second chance (or maybe a third chance if you consider his escape attempt the second chance).

The Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue organization became aware of the escape attempt through videos shared online and decided to step in. The Facebook account for the Skylands Rescue organization kindly asked for their followers to contact the slaughterhouse and ask for the young calf to be released into their care.

The internet did its thing, and Stewie was rescued by the organization. They posted this update on their Facebook page:

“It has been a very stressful past couple of days, but worth it totally. The baby is finally safe with me…

Thank you all so much for your support…”

Stewie the Calf gets to live happily ever after at The Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue Center.

Goes to show you that no matter what your situation is, never give up. Stewie pulled off the ultimate slaughterhouse escape, and now can live to “moo” another day.

The whole story reminds me of one of my favorite gags from The Simpsons, where the clumsy, empty-headed Homer Simpson showcases his low IQ. He is dressed up in a cow costume being taken to what he thinks is a Feed Lot, but turns out to be the Slaughterhouse.

As he looks through the head of the cow costume and his vision is obscured, he says “Ooooooh, Laughter House,” of course not being able to see the “S” in front of the word “Laughter.” As always with The Simpsons, hilarity ensues:

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