Hardy’s “.30-06” Live Performance Video Will Have You Ready To Run Through A Brick Wall

Hardy country music

This’ll get ya fired up on a Wednesday morning…

HARDY put out his half-country, half-rock record the mockingbird & THE CROW back in January, and one of my easy favorites was at the time, and still is, “.30-06,” from the rock side of the tracklist.

It features a high-octane production that reminds me a lot of the early 2000’s rock I still love… I think at one point I actually called it “backwoods Blink-182,” and I feel like that still holds up.

The premise of the song is super country, though, where Hardy describes how his girl took off in his truck, thinking it would be one final way to get back at him as they ended the relationship that wasn’t working, because he was spending too much time hunting.

She knew his automatic was in there, and laughed all the way to the pawn shop knowing he’d never get it back, but what she doesn’t know is, Hardy’s got “a backup under my bed.”

There’s a fun reference to his song “SOLD OUT,” too, which has her figuring out he has more guns and can keep hunting when she “sees another dead buck on my Instagram.”

It’s one of those tunes you can blast in your car over and over driving around town and never get tired of hearing, and is a clear standout on his sophomore record for me.

I just love the sound and production of it… it’s really that simple.

And today, he dropped a live performance video that kicks it all up another notch.

The videography is so well done and high quality, and perfectly captures the essence of the song and the hardcore edge that makes it so unique.

If I wasn’t ready to run through a brick wall earlier on this Wednesday morning when I woke (and I wasn’t), I sure am now…

Check it out:

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