3-Year-Old From Ohio Stumbles Upon Massive Deadhead Buck

Buck head

Talk about a memory this three-year-old will never forget.

According to Field & Stream, the kid is Rhett Boucher, who was playing outside while his grandpa was cutting firewood, and that’s when he spotted a MASSIVE deadhead on March 15th.

And to make the discovery even more sweet, the deadhead is one of the biggest wild nontypical bucks ever recorded in the state of Ohio.

Professional scorer Toby Hughes shared the message on Facebook, saying:

“This is the largest free roaming whitetail that I’ve measured for Buckmasters Whitetail Trophy Records and it’s the 100th ~ 200+”er that I’ve measured for the BTR. And coincidentally it’s my 1500th BTR record book entry…

This recently found Deadhead (3/15/2023) ranks at #6 for Ohio All Time ~ Pickup ~ Irregular category

#1 is the Lionel Christman buck~#2 is the Hole in the horn. Both well over 300.”

Rhett’s dad, Quentin, admitted to the outlet that he’d seen the buck in the past before:

“I’ve definitely seen it before down the road in the field. It was found on our property about 300 yards off the road…In my opinion, maybe someone down the road was hunting it and shot it, and it ran and died in my field.

Or, maybe it was hit by a car. It also could have died of old age. It was an old buck, and it was a pile of bones when Rhett found it.”

Quentin added that they had gotten the right salvage permit to keep the deadhead. Hughes said that the creature has 23 scoreable points with normal brow tines, along with an unusual “unicorn” antler in the front right.

The right side has 40 inches of junk, and a total of 126 5/8 inches. The left side has 38 inches of abnormal points and a total of 128 5/8 inches, for a total of 276 4/8 Buckmasters.

Hughes raved about the buck:

“This is the biggest wild deer I’ve ever seen. That is something. Rhett gets all the credit for finding it. It’s going in the record book under his name.”

Rhett’s deadhead is the sixth biggest irregular deadhead ever in Ohio, with the biggest in the U.S. discovered by Lionel Crissman Buck for a total of 351 7/8 Buckmasters, and was discovered in Mahoning County, Ohio.

Wisconsin Hunter Finds Remains Of Whitetail Buck Who Fell Off A Cliff

A buck in the rut knows one thing and one thing only… chasing does.

It’s the one-time hunters have a slight advantage on these incredibly intelligent animals. Hoping they will slip up and make a mistake out chasing a woman.

There are certainly a few parallels between humans and nature. This is one of them. Although men might not be this extreme, I’ve seen some fellas make some stupid-ass decisions thinking they’re going to get a chance with a woman.

Never seen a man chase a woman off a cliff, though…

This poor buck did.

Our man is filming on a beach, I believe in Wisconsin, off the coast of Lake Michigan, looking up at a large cliff. He notices an absolutely beautiful mature buck dead on the ground and goes over to check him out.

He’s standing there wondering how on earth a buck this old, mature and smart made the decision to leap off of this cliff. Then he realizes.

“There’s another deer up here, I don’t see any horns. It must’ve been a doe and he was in the rut”

Sometimes it doesn’t take too much to figure out what went on.

That is the only real explanation for something like that to occur.

This is why we need to think with our heads fellas…

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