Garth Brooks Says He’d Be Thankful For AI If It Could: “Write A Song That Kills Me & Makes Me Cry”

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We’re approaching a world where the future could consist of art being generated through AI programs, whether it’s songwriting, book writing, or any kind of content creation in general.

It’s a bit terrifying, yet also intriguing at the same time.

I mean, cookie-cutter pop country songs that rattle off the same 10 buzzwords are already pretty common in the industry. It’s enough to make one think they have already been utilizing robots to write songs for years.

With that being said, one country music legend is voicing his opinion on the new wave of AI programs.

And it’s none other than country music legend Garth Brooks.

According to The Tennessean, Brooks made the comments at the Country Radio Broadcasters 54th annual Country Radio Seminar conference last Monday, while talking to CRB executive director R.J. Curtis.

He confessed that the human element of the music industry is now having to contend with artificial intelligence, and the radio station programmers are now having to contend with algorithms to bring new music to the masses.

Brooks recalled going to CRS conferences in 1989 and 1990, and said you had to stare someone in the eye and rely on your gut and intuition to know who the next country music star was going to be.

However, he also noted that he’s open to giving AI a shot:

“But if AI program writes a song that kills me and makes me cry, isn’t that what songwriting is all about? If AI gets to that level, I have to be thankful I get to be a fan that one of those songs touches.

Don’t underestimate how powerful you are just as human beings against ratings, streaming numbers, and all that stuff. Don’t forget your gut, don’t forget what moves you. That’s the gift God gave you.”

We know how easy it is to make Garth cry…

And, then he proceeded to make some ominous comments about how the internet could be stirring up a civil war:

“I see the internet entering the dis-information age… the internet is dangerous… civil war is waiting if we don’t watch out.”

I don’t know if civil war is on the horizon, but he’s definitely not lying about the cesspool that social media has become… we’re on it all day around here.

He concluded:

“Heart differentiates the man from a machine. Radio’s time isn’t coming to an end.”

Even though ol’ G got a little weird at the end (I’ve come to expect this by now), I think he’s feeling exactly how we’re all feeling about the future of computer-generated songwriting…


Nevertheless, it’ll be interesting to see what big-time Nashville labels and artists decide to do with it, and how the legal issues and intellectual property rights surrounding it (who gets the credit?) are worked out.

I’ve got to admit though, I’d love to see a never ending supply of hilarious, deep fake videos reminiscent of Garth’s first ever Facebook post video…

Just think about the endless hours of enjoyment it would bring the interwebs…

I like that.

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