Tourist With A Death Wish Gets Within A Few Yards Of A Grizzly Bear At Grand Teton National Park

Grizzly bear

Oh man, this could’ve gone REAL bad.

Moron tourist (or “touron,” if you will) season is almost among us once again.

You would think that with all of the viral videos of people either getting killed, severely injured, or narrowly escaping death because they didn’t head the warnings of the National Park would talk some sense into people.

I mean, it’s common sense:

“Don’t bother the wildlife, and the wildlife won’t bother you.”

But nah, some people are desperate for that Kodak moment, and they’re willing to possibly risk their life just to get a cool pic for Instagram or Facebook. You know, something real special for their 225 followers…

This video comes from Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming at Togwotee Pass.

As you can see, a grizzly is out roaming in a field at the park, just minding its own business.

However, its peace is disturbed when some dude comes walking up, quite rapidly might I add, with his phone, getting within just a few yards of the grizzly.

Now there’s one thing for certain about grizzly bears, and it’s that they are one of the most aggressive bear species on the planet, and they definitely aren’t fans of people walking up on them.

Hell, I don’t care what kind of bear species it is, you simply don’t mess around with them. It’s basic knowledge… or, I guess not.

As the guy continues to approach the massive creature, the bear is visibly startled and runs off in the other direction.

Needless to say, this guy is lucky, because this could’ve gotten ugly quick if he had continued to approach the bear.

The caption from Tourons Of Yellowstone (out here doing the Lord’s work) sums it all up:

“Togwotee Pass. I genuinely thought we were going to see a mauling. An absolute idiot and so much disrespect for the bear. He ruined the moment for everyone watching peacefully from a distance.”

Good God, man…

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