Nevada Hunter Gets Swatted In The Face By A Cougar, Shares Video Of The Nasty Wound: “Lots Of Stitches But Doing Great”

Cougar swipe


That one had to hurt. This is a hard watch and one of the reasons I will admit to being absolutely terrified of these animals.

Cougars, also known as mountain lions, are the largest cats in North America, with males typically weighing up to 220 pounds and measuring up to 8 feet in length, nose to tail. These cats are muscular and have a lean body made for running, jumping and honestly… killing.

One of the most defining features of cougars is their sharp claws. These claws are retractable, which allows them to stay sharp and avoid damage when the cat is not using them. When a cougar is hunting or defending itself, it will extend its claws, which can be up to two inches in length.

The cougar’s claws are sharp and strong, allowing them to climb trees with ease and providing them with a powerful tool for hunting and defense. The claws are also used to grip and hold onto prey.

Cougars are strong apex predators that can do some serious damage. They typically avoid humans and prefer to hunt other prey, there have been instances where humans have been attacked by cougars for defense and food.

This hunter found it out the hard way.

He is seen with a cougar cornered and his hounds on the cat. To no surprise, the cat looks extremely angry like they always do when in a confrontation or being chased by dogs.

The video then skips to the hound hunter, with a big ol’ gash in his lipm clearly from the claw of a cougar.

The young man, Skout Coleman, a hunting guide from Nevada, holds a solid thumbs up and grins with his lip opened up wide.

A risk of the trade, I guess… a humbling experience, no doubt.

In a post from Nevada High Ridge Outfitters, they confirmed Skout needed some stiches, if that wasn’t already obvious:

“Hounds caught this lion on the ground and things got western for a few seconds but luckily Skout is as tough as they come. 

“The lion was getting a dog and turned on him. Lots of stitches but he’s doing great!”

Nothing a few stitches can’t fix but maybe filming this danger kitty was a bad idea…

He another post, Skout himself added:

“My sister putting the boots to the meanest cat this side of the Owyhee, it didn’t go without a fight, and as always, re-instilled the unwavering respect for these ultimate predators.

Thanks to all those involved.”

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