Former UFC Fighter Chael Sonnen Says He & LeBron James Have The Same Drug Guy: “I Know Exactly What He’s Doing”

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Perhaps it isn’t “LeBron’s Secret Stuff” that is keeping the 4-Time NBA Championship youthful.

On a recent episode of the podcast FLAGRANT on YouTube, former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen went a tad scorched Earth. When Sonnen wasn’t discussing Jon Jones or Floyd Mayweather, he was going after Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James. Looks like the All Star “caught a few strays” on this one.

During the podcast, the former UFC fighter spreads some pretty defamatory rumors about the Lakers star player:

“They got some performance enhancers, like if the world understood what LeBron did, like other basketball players will hear what LeBron does and go ‘yeah that doesn’t matter. If you knew what these performance enhancers did, you would know why it DOES matter.

We have the same drug guy, I know exactly what he’s doing.”

Slander about LeBron’s physical upkeep has taken place in the shadows for quite some time as LeBron continues to play at an unprecedented level.

The 38-year-old basketball player has rarely, if ever, been in the news for the wrong reasons, but there are still many doubters when it comes to how James takes such good care of his body.

LeBron has performed at a high level for 20 years in the NBA, so it could just be a classic case of “the haters trying to get you down.” After all, Sonnen only had his word to rely on in the interview and offered no actual proof.

However, could a video of an almost 40 year old doing this be enough proof to say that LeBron is getting a little help from at least something?

Probably won’t hold up in a court of law, but “Exhibit A” above is pretty hard to believe for someone that has played a whopping 53,834 minutes in his NBA career so far (I’ll let you do the math on that one).

Put on you tin foil hats for this.

Could it be possible that the NBA is turning a blind eye so that one of greatest players to ever play the game can continue to compete at a high level well past what is supposed to be their prime so that the association can both sell more tickets and have better TV ratings? I’ll answer that question with a very strong, firm maybe.

You can remove your tin foil hat now.

To play devil’s advocate, I’m not sure how creditable and reputable this Chael Sonnen is. Remember, this is a man who willingly got hit in the head (a lot) for living, so if he is saying LeBron is getting steroids from the person he gets his steroids from, maybe we should all nod, say “hmmm,” then move on. Last time I checked, Sonnen wasn’t a journalist at the Associated Press.

Plus, James has battled with injuries in his stint with the Lakers, and is currently out with a foot injury that has been lingering since they weirdly stopped an NBA game right in its tracks when LeBron broke the NBA All-Time Scoring Record.

Performance enhancers or not, I hope the NBA Scoring Record holder comes back soon and the Lakers sneak into the playoffs. James is technically breaking the scoring record again and again every time he scores, so who isn’t up for watching history be made with every LeBron Bucket?

P.S: If the whole “same drug guy” thing is true, it is probably because James want to play with his son “Bronny” in the NBA. Will NBA Commissioner Adam Silver step in and stop that “ratings monster” from happening? Probably not…

Here’s the full podcast:

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