Psychedelic Science 2023 Conference Keynote Speaker? NFL QB Aaron Rodgers

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While everyone in the country is worried about whether or not NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers will re-sign with the Green Bay Packers or leave for another team, Rodgers has apparently been setting up to speak at a Psychedelic Conference.

It should come by no surprise that the Super Bowl winning quarterback is associated with psychedelics, as Rodgers has been extremely open about his psychedelic use in recent years.

Hell, the Packers even had an ayahuasca-themed touchdown celebration this past year in a game against the Chicago Bears.

The long time face of the Green Bay Packers has opened up more often thanks to his weekly visits on The Pat McAfee Show. The budding friendship between the former punter in McAfee and the star QB in Rodgers has been great for content in the past couple of months and during the NFL season.

It was on Pat McAfee’s show that the world learned of the four day darkness retreat that Rodgers took in order to clear his mind on decisions impacting his future life and career.

So is anyone shocked that the unconventional Aaron Rodgers is speaking at an event that is being called “the largest psychedelic gathering in history?” Based on recent revelations from the quarterback, it actually seems like par for the course.

Rodgers credits his improvements in mental health and back-to-back MVP seasons (2020 & 2021) with experiences using the plant-based psychedelic, ayahuasca. The conference, Psychedelic Science 2023, is set to have guest speakers, panel discussions, and workshops for the thousands of people attending.

I’m sure others who have delved into psychedelics will love to hear from the future hall of famer at the conference, which takes place in June. Plus, that means that Rodgers will have most likely decided on his future by the time he speaks at event.

Will he remain a Packer? Could the New York Jets swoop in and steal him? Or could the 39 year old retire and surprise all?

We might not know where he will end up playing football, but we’ll at least all know where he’ll be in June during the biggest psychedelic conference in history.

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