Alligator Flies Out Of The Water, Steals Fisherman’s Bass Right Off The Line


If you had to guess what state this happened in, which one would you throw out there?

If you guessed Florida, you would be correct.

The old hobby of fishing has always been known as a relaxing, peaceful past time. Throwing the line out and reeling it back in is almost as good as therapy for some people. Then, the moment you finally feel something on the line and start reeling it in, does it really get any better than that?

Well, sometimes it might at least get a little more exciting…

The video starts out as a pretty normal, run-of-the-mill fishing video. Then, in the distance, rising out of the water similar to the shark in Jaws (1975), an alligator breaks the top of the water and lunges up to grab the bass right off the line.

Probably the best part of the video is the man yelling “Stop!” at the incoming alligator, as if the alligator would suddenly understand the human language and cease from attacking the bass.

However, it probably all happened so fast that the release of “Stop!” was more of a wish than it was a command.

Who are we to say that this alligator wasn’t fishing as well? And if so, who has the right to the fish at this point? Sure, the fisherman had it on the hook, but the alligator has the fish in its mouth. It might be controversial, but I think I am on the side of the gator on this one.

The man goes on to ask the alligator to give him the fish back, which just seems ridiculous does it not? Sometimes you just have to know when to cut your losses, and this is one of those scenarios. Cut the line and watch the alligator swim away with your bass, then go tell your buddies about it over a couple of beers.

But hey… it isn’t a total loss. At least the gator helped catch one of the most elusive beings of them all… the viral internet video.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock