Drone Captures Its Own Demise When Alligator Grabs It Right Out Of The Air

Alligator drone crash


Imagine going out and dropping a boatload of money on a brand new drone, and you take it out to the lake to capture some sweet video footage.

Everything is going well, so you decide to fly it out over the lake and maybe get some aerial footage of some fish, and then BOOM…

An alligator leaps from the water, and snatches your $1,000+ drone out of thin air.

Talk about a tough scene.

This scenario happened to one unfortunate soul, who decided to take the drone out over the water.

In the video, you can see the drone zoom in on an alligator that’s staring it down like a hawk.

Sure enough, the person decided to lower the drone closer to the water, and see ya later. The gator jumps up, and grabs the drone like it’s food. According to the drone pilot, he didn’t even see it coming:

“I went on a fishing trip and was flying my first drone. I didn’t even see the alligator before he jumped.”

So if ya ever wanted to know what your last sight would be before getting sent to the afterlife while getting eaten alive (I don’t know why on earth you would), here ya go.

And the wildest part is… this isn’t the first time.

Alligator Smokes In Mouth After Eating Drone

Alligators are known to eat the odd strange thing. Anytime they slice one open they inevitably find a wild amount of stuff inside. We’re talking dog collars, car parts, bullets, thousand-year-old arrow heads and sometimes, even human remains…

They also indulge in the odd bit of garbage eating. That should be enough to scare you off of these creatures. Anything that can swallow trash is definitely capable of chewing up a human.

Gators are incredible predators that strike with speed in short bursts trying to use the element of surprise.

This fella found that out the hard way when he flew his drone in trying to get some good shots.

Out of nowhere the gator leaps up and grabs the drone flying above him in the air. Onlookers watched as the gator tries to scarf the drone down, but after a few good chomps the drone starts smoking very badly as everyone yells at the gator to stop.

The gator just doesn’t care though, it keeps on chewing with the smoke coming out like there’s a fire lit in his stomach. I mean, it looked like a literal fire breathing dragon…

Yup, that’s how tough these prehistoric beasts are… they will swallow a drone that’s nearly on fire and not think twice about it.

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