First Nation In Saskatchewan Celebrates The Return Of Buffalo To Reserve


Talk about a cool moment.

The Mosquito, Grizzly Bear’s Head, Lean Man (MGBHLM) community celebrated the return of a large herd of bison, also known as buffalo, on Monday, in Saskatchewan, Canada.

During the event, several members of the community and many outside visitors gathered to celebrate the buffalo return.

Chief Tanya Aguilar-Antiman told Battlefords Now that this is a historic moment for the First Nation:

“We do our best to bring wealth and good to our community, for all. We truly believe that the spirit of the buffalo is going to help us, each and every one of you, nation to nation.

All our visitors that come from the North, the South, the East and the West, thanks for coming out here and supporting us.”

The MGBHLM received 22 bison from Elk Island National Park through Parks Canada.

The buffalo will be kept in an enclosed 1,000-acre location within the community.

A number of First Nations in the North West region of Canada took part in signing the Buffalo Treaty last year, in an effort to restore and return buffalo to the Prairies and First Nation communities.

Stacy Caisse also discussed the importance of the ceremony in the caption of the video:

“This was a ceremonial event I was invited to as part of a welcoming for the buffalo, coming back to the reserve here in Mosquito, Grizzly bear’s head, lean man First Nations. We had a small gathering and many beautiful voices came from Saskatchewan and also from Morley, Ab.

The men drummed and sang. We had the chief of Mosquito First Nations, present, as well as many other officials and citizens. It was very wholesome and heartwarming to so many people, and even just being able to watch the video, made people around the world emotional.

It was a very historical and commemorative moment.”

Check it out:

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