JR Carroll Teases Upcoming OurVinyl Sessions

JR Carroll country music

JR Carroll can do it all.

And he does it all extremely well. He’s a fantastic songwriter, his vocals are top tier, and honestly, who knows how many instruments this guy plays? The keys and guitar are in his bag for sure, but I’m sure it doesn’t stop there.

Caroll’s undeniable, multifaceted talent is more than enough proof as to why he’s one of the most promising young artists in the business, and as more and more country music fans discover his music, it’s obvious that Carroll’s breakout is inevitable.

And if for some reason you don’t believe me, the proof is in the music.

The Oologah, Oklahoma native’s relatively small, yet potent catalog is highlighted by two EP’s; 2020’s Long Story Short and more recently, Raging in the Dark, one of 2022’s best EPs.

And luckily for us, more music is on the way.

Last week, OurVinyl posted a preview on Instagram of their session with JR Carroll, set to be released in early March.

While the song in the preview is “Other Than That,” the lead single from Raging in the Dark, OurVinyl Sessions generally feature previously unrecorded tracks from the featured artist.

Hopefully this means Carroll’s session will include a few new ones. I mean, I know he’s got no shortage of original music in the queue.

On his YouTube channel, Caroll has posted quite a few unreleased songs over the last couple of years. In line with the rest of his music, these tracks are all cleverly written and pair perfectly with his top-tier vocals, making for some special sounding stuff. And you’d have to imagine some of these could be released soon.

Whether it is in tandem with OurVinyl or in a separate solo project, check out these unreleased tracks below.

“All I’ve Got”


“Fell in Love Today”

“Make You Weep”

“Moving On”

“On the Run”

“Pride & Prejudice”

“Six String Blues”


“The Hardest Part”

And while we’re at it, check out Carroll’s most streamed song to date, ”Where the Red Fern Grows.”

Man, this guy has some pipes.

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