Woody Harrelson Hilariously Recalls The Time Willie Nelson Got Him Back On Weed: “Welcome Home Son”

Willie Nelson Woody Harrelson
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We all know and love Willie Nelson for his incredible country music, and his career that’s spanned a mind boggling 67 years.

However, perhaps what he’s second best known for, is his everlasting love of marijuana.

Ol’ Shotgun Willie ain’t afraid to share his love for the devil’s lettuce, and has been a major advocate for it throughout his career.

Not to mention, several country artists and celebrities have smoked with Willie before.

Hell, even Toby Keith wrote a song about the wild time he smoked with the guy, prompting him to write the song “I’ll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again.”

Luke Combs even told a story about getting “super baked” with Willie, and he started hammering crane kicks at a punching bag.

And now, we’re getting yet another hilarious Willie and weed story…

But this time, it’s coming from famed actor Woody Harrelson.

While on Ellen, Harrelson hilariously recalled the time when Willie got him back on the weed, after he had given up smoking:

“I did quit, and then ran into this fellow named Willie and Willie you know he’s a sweet guy, everybody talks about how great Willie is, you wish he was your president.

So I’m with Willie, and he’s constantly, he was never comfortable with me quitting it just bothered him. And he just kept trying to, you know, and finally this is over two years and I see it says Willie’s Reserve on the pen.

And I would always say ‘Willie you know I’m not smoking,’ and he’d always say the same thing like he’d heard it the first time… Finally he passes me the pen after I win a big pot we’re playing poker I’m in a celebratory mood, and he hands me that pen and I say ‘Ah sh*t.’

I take a big draw off of it and he says ‘Welcome home son.'”


We have to protect Willie at all costs.

This guy is a National Treasure.

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