Texas Bull Rider Gets Kicked Square In The Chin… And Gets Right Back Up

Bull rider

Bull riders, man… they’re a different breed.

Everybody wants to be a cowboy, everybody wants to rope and ride, but let’s be honest… nobody wants to put in the kind of work that it takes be a real rodeo star.

I mean, strapping yourself to a 1,500 pound bull? It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know bull riding is one of the most dangerous sports in the world.

Your life basically depends on the bull’s next move, and if it doesn’t go in your favor, it could possibly result in you ending up seriously injured in the hospital, or even dead.

Here we have yet another poor soul who saw his life flash before his eyes.

In the video, you can see that the bull begins bucking before he’s even let out of the gate. The rider is still trying to get situated and the bull is basically standing on its hind legs, front legs over the the top of the gate, going crazy in the chute.

My dude basically went 8 seconds before the gate even opened…

The bull falls backwards, essentially pinning the rider against the chute and you can hear people screaming to open the gate.

Once the gate does open, the rider isn’t even on the bull anymore, but his hand is still under the rope so he tries to hop on top, but can’t quite get the leverage. This ride was doomed from the start.

However, as soon as the bull rider gets his hand free and thinks he’s in the clear, the bull gives him a brutal kick to the face. I mean, this ol’ bull just squared him up perfectly, right on the chin and it appeared to knock him out cold.

All I can say is, thank God my guy was wearing a helmet.

If he hadn’t have been, then there’s a good possibility that he may not have been able to walk out of that arena that night.

Just see for yourself:

@mariorosales308 A spectacular #rodeo #accident happens to the #rider. ♬ original sound – Mario Rosales

Now, I know what you’re thinking… and no, he’s not dead.

In fact, the dude GOT UP.

The first video cuts out at the perfect spot to make you think my man died, but in the alternate angle, he pops right back up. Granted, I’m sure his jaw is in pieces and he himself even confirmed that he lost some teeth in the comments, but all things considered, the dude walked away.

Tough SOB.

@austinhuntermusic Buddy of mine is super lucky! Gotta be tough to play with them ole bulls #rodeo #bullriding #countrymusic #fyp #viral #tiktok #buckingbulls #cowboy #welcometotheshitshow ♬ Welcome to the Show – CODY JOHNSON

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