Driver Faced With Herd Of 6,000 Sheep On Snowy Wyoming Road

Sheep herd

Imagine explaining this one to the boss…

Drivers in Cokeville, Wyoming were stopped in their tracks when an unexpected road block came running down the road last month.

A herd of 6,000 sheep were being moved from their summer to winter pastures, but instead of making their way through the snowy fields, decided to put hooves on blacktop and take to the streets.

The result was a wild sea of white wool weaving and running around cars, forcing drivers to sit tight and let the herd pass in wonder.

Now, I get that sights uncommon to the rest of the country probably happen pretty often up in Wyoming, but man, I can’t imagine this one being a regular occurrence.

Like a scene from The Walking Dead…

Just another reason why people say the West is best.

Dog Ejected During A Car Crash Found Days Later Herding Sheep On Farm

As if getting into a wreck isn’t bad enough, imagine your dog being ejected from the car and running away too.

Well that’s what happened to Linda Oswald of Rathdrum, Idaho, recently, when she and her husband were driving to nearby Washington with her dog, Tilly, in the back of her car.

According to KHQ, nobody was seriously injured (luckily) when their GMC Yukon was struck by another driver. But the crash broke their back window, and flung Tilly out of the car.

Tilly was unharmed, but he took off running after the crash before anybody could catch him.

The heartbroken family searched the area for nearly 10 hours after the crash with no luck, and plastered Tilly’s face all over social media while pleading with the public to keep an eye out for their missing pup, a 2-year old border collie and red heeler mix.

Well one of the people who saw Tilly’s picture on Facebook was Travis Potter, whose family owns a farm about a mile and a half from the site of the Oswalds’ crash.

Travis was tagged in a post about the missing Tilly on Facebook by his grandmother, who lives in another state.

And then, a little while later, Travis was working on the farm when he and his siblings noticed something was off about their own sheepdog: It wasn’t theirs.

It was Tilly, who had found his way to the Potter farm and begun herding sheep himself.

Aren’t dogs incredible?

Well luckily at around the same time the Potters had discovered Tilly, a local deputy was driving by also looking for the missing dog. The Potters were able to relieve the dog from his sheep herding duties and get him to the deputy to be reunited with his family.

Can you imagine what Tilly was thinking about this whole chain of events?

“Damn, if they wanted me to get a job they could have just said something.”

Oswald said that the first thing Tilly did when he got back home was drink out of the toilet – something he’s never done before.

“(Tilly) was not having it. I think he was a little upset, like, ‘Hey, you guys left me out on that prairie for 48 hours.’”

Seems like the farm life’s just not for Tilly.

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