Family Of Lynx Block Off Snowmobiling Trail In Maine 


This is why we all get out there.

It doesn’t get much better than seeing a wild kitty. Especially one that ain’t so common.

Snowmobiling is a winter activity that helps get people out there in the cold. Often times it creates paths that are easier for many different species of wildlife to travel on. With the snow beat down it makes it easier for them to walk, which can help them burn less calories during a time of year that they need them most.

Lynx are known for their distinctive ear tufts, short tails, and large paws. These wild cats are well adapted to the cold weather and live in areas with dense forests and abundant prey. In Maine, lynx are becoming a more common sight and have a reputation for being solitary animals.

Lynx are usually solitary hunters, but they are not entirely solitary creatures. They have been seen interacting, but most of these interactions are between a mother and her kittens. It is not uncommon for young lynx to stay with their mother for up to a year or even longer. This time with the mother allows the young lynx to continue to hone their hunting skills and develop their independence.

In Maine, lynx populations have been increasing in recent years, and this has led to an increase in instances of social behavior. As the population grows, it becomes easier for the lynx to breed, which increases their populations and our chances of seeing them.

These folks were out for a rip in Maine on their snowmobiles when they came across something spectacular.

A lynx mother and her 2 kittens were hanging out right on the snowmobile trail. The group slowed down and watched the three wild cats just hanging out.

It’s always amazing to see the resemblance between wild cats and house cats.

The woman who got the video summed it up in the description.

“During a snowmobile trip a few miles outside of Kokadjo, Maine in January 2023, my husband and I spotted what looked like a log on a groomed trail opposite of the way we were going.

We decided to inspect it and maybe remove it for other riders’ safety. As I got closer on my sled, I realized it wasn’t a log at all but a mother lynx and her two kittens!”

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