Terry Bradshaw Says It Would Be Great For Ratings If He Died On Air: “Maybe I Get A Statue Out Front”

Terry Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw, a legend on and off the field.

He’s been drawing some criticism lately for his football coverage, with a number of people on Twitter complaining about his old age.

And it seems like he’s well aware of it.

The Hall of Fame quarterback and current NFL analyst is known for his hilarious personality, and that personality was on full display while talking to FOX Sports reporters ahead of the Super Bowl.

The 74-year-old hilariously told the reporters about how he’d like to retire:

“I told FOX, if I could just die on the show, think about the ratings, right? Are we not about the ratings? That’d be huge. Not only that, it’d be a huge carryover.

All the networks would be saying that Bradshaw died on the FOX NFL show.

Can you imagine the huge stuff? And maybe I get a huge statue out front.”

Whatta legend.

However, he was serious about how he wants to be an analyst for as long as he possibly can, saying:

“But I want to do it, if I keep my health together, I love what I’m doing. But we all get old, we all get kicked out. I’m not looking over my shoulder, but Brady is coming in.”

Of course, there has been some concerns over Bradshaw’s health, as he noticeably appeared to be in pain and out of sorts while on air this past football season.

Back in October, he revealed that he had been diagnosed with both bladder and skin cancer, before he was announced cancer free.

The New York Post reached out to Bradshaw about his health, where he responded:

“I’m good. I just left the hospital. I had another treatment. Got no sleep. Got up at 1 AM, drove to New York and came out here. I’m a little beat today, but I’m good. Cancer free.”

He also said that for as long as he’s able, he’ll keep doing what he’s doing:

“What would happen with the studio? Who would take my place? That’s not ever going to happen.”

A couple months ago he came under fire for a “suicide” joke regarding Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray scrambling around too much.

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