Hunting Guide Blows Up Bear Lungs Like A Balloon In The Name Of Science

Hunter lung

That’s a new one…

And one a person never would have thought of, but it still makes sense.

Black bears are impressive animals. They are incredibly smart and resilient. They are able to find food nearly anywhere and can run, climb and jump as good as any animal.

One aspect of their biology that plays a crucial role in their survival is their lungs. Bears have large and efficient lungs that enable them to perform a variety of physical activities and survive in extreme conditions.

The capacity of a bear’s lungs is significantly larger than that of most mammals, including humans. This allows them to take in more oxygen and support their active lifestyle. For example, the lungs of a black bear can hold up to 50% more air than the lungs of a human of the same size. This enables black bears to run and swim for long distances without getting tired.

And while they are pretty fast, topping out around 25-30 miles per hour, the reason they can catch deer is due to their endurance. A whitetail can only maintain its top speed of 35-40 miles per hour for a very short time relative to a bear maintaining its top speed.

Bears are also capable of changing the rate of their breathing to meet the demands of their body. When they are resting, their breathing rate is slower and shallower. When they are active, their breathing rate increases, allowing them to take in more oxygen and support their physical activity.

Another important feature of a bear’s lung is their ability to store oxygen. Unlike other mammals, bears have a large amount of oxygen-rich blood in their bodies, which they can use to support their physical activities. This is especially important for hibernating bears, who can survive for long periods without food or water by relying on the oxygen stored in their bodies.

Clearly, it is an important and strong organ in them.

This hunting guide showcased a bears lung strength in a way you have never seen.

The guide, who field dressed a black bear a young hunter had shot and was showing the group the ins and outs of  lung science when he takes the set of lungs and blows them up through the wind pipe just like a balloon.

He shows the group the small wound and teaches them about shot placement along with anatomy of a bear.

For those unfamiliar, it’s quite shocking, but nevertheless, very interesting stuff. If you’re a visual learner, and want a better understanding of ethical hunting, shot placement, biology, and efficient shots… this is your video:

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