Big Ol’ Bull Moose Walks Right Up To A Montana Hunter

bull moose

Isn’t that how it always goes? You have a close encounter with the animal you aren’t able to hunt at that time.

Hunting is one of those activities that has people running to the woods. The more time you spend out there, the better you can understand the movements of the animals you chase and the better you will be at hunting.

It’s like most things, practice makes perfect. But with hunting, it just seems easier to get out there and put the time in.

To witness the great things of nature and have these close encounters, there is one common trend; people who are out there more have a better chance at having these encounters.

Moose are an animal that is hard not to love. They are the largest member of the deer family.

Bull moose often weigh north of 1,000 pounds and have massive paddle shaped antlers that can be up to 40 pounds of extra weight on their heads. These animals stand 6.5 feet at the shoulder, so really about 8 feet including their head. They are huge…

Moose are favorite hunting species far and wide and have some of the tastiest game meat out there. Their hunting seasons are highly restricted to a tag system in many parts of the country due to their population levels.

Doesn’t it always go that you have an incredibly good chance with an animal you aren’t allowed to hunt?

It certainly was the case for this Montana hunter who was out chasing elk and deer during the late season.

The hunter was out on public land in the middle of a logging cut looking for members of the deer family when he spotted one he wasn’t allowed to hunt.

“I was by myself going out for a deer/elk hunt on opening morning. I had just stood up to stretch my legs after sitting for a while. Off to the side of me, I noticed a set of antlers coming towards me, on the other side of the willows.

I carefully pulled out my phone and started recording, hoping I could get a good video of the animal as it came into the general area.

I was never expecting it to be a moose and definitely wasn’t expecting it to come so close to me. I stayed as still as I could while trying to control my breathing.

I didn’t even look directly at the moose until he was past me, so it was nice to have the video to really get a good look at him after. A little nerve-racking, but an amazing experience nonetheless”

What a great encounter!

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