Lainey Wilson Celebrates New Tour Bus With Hilarious Twerk Video: “We Finally Bussin’ It”

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Lainey Wilson went wildly viral last year…

And yes, she has fantastic music and even scored a role as Abby on the hit series Yellowstone for Season 5, but it wasn’t because of that.

Her incredible backside was a hot topic on social media, and after this video first started blowing up on Twitter, there were videos just like it all over social media, especially TikTok, with guys fawning over her and girls wishing they were so blessed in that area:

I mean, it’s actually unfair that such a great butt is completely, 100% real (and to be clear, it is… God really does have favorites, I guess).

And of course, in good ol’ Lainey Wilson fashion, she played along and took it all as a joke, delivering this hilarious meme:

But even before she was blowing up online, she was flaunting it (and rightfully so), sharing this hilarious video shaking her booty in front of her new tour bus a few months back, asking:

“Is this what they meant by bussin it?”

Lainey is such a gem, and seeing her make fun of herself and lean into all the attention in such a fun, light-hearted way makes me love her even more:

My favorite thing she’s said about it so far, though, is that her 2023 New Year’s resolution is to “to maintain my big ass so more people can kiss it.”

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She’s such a queen:

First Female Artist To Have Multiple Songs Charting In Top 10 At Country Radio In Over A Decade

Lainey Wilson’s momentum just keeps growing.

After releasing her Bell Bottom Country album last year, to a new role as Abby on Yellowstone and even a couple big award show wins in 2022, she’s well on her way to potentially have TWO #1 singles early this year.

As of this past weekend, Lainey is the only artist with multiple songs charting in the Top 10 at country radio right now, making her the first female artist in over a decade to do so.

Her single “Heart Like A Truck,” from the aforementioned Bell Bottom Country, is at #7, and her duet with Hardy on his current single “wait in the truck” is sitting at #9, both on Mediabase (one of two charts labels use to officially track their songs performance).

You should consider this a huge win for the genre as a whole (ya know, having two great, actual country songs doing so well on country radio), and I couldn’t be happier for her:

It’s incredible to think she might have two songs topping the charts in the near future, but I can’t think of an artist who deserves all of more than her.

Lainey is countrier than cornbread, and has been grinding it out for years touring and doing whatever it takes to find success in Music City, including living in a camper in her friends backyard for many years.

It’s safe to say it’s all finally starting to pay off in a huge way.

If 2022 was the year of Lainey Wilson in mainstream country (and in my opinion, it was), then 2023 is only going to be that tenfold for the Louisiana native.

Lainey’s currently out on the road for her Country With a Flare tour, so make sure you check her out live in concert if she’s stopping anywhere near you… and it’s not sold-out already.

I’m tellin’ ya, and have been for a while, she’s the next big thing in country music and her time is here.

“Heart Like A Truck”

“Wait In The Truck”

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