Great Dane Smashes Through Glass Door & Nearly Gives Mailman A Heart Attack

Great dane mailman

If you aren’t familiar with Great Danes, then there’s one thing you need to know…

These “dogs” are small horses. I’m fully convinced somebody crossbred a horse and a dog and viola, out came a Great Dane.

Okay, not really… but these dogs are massive.

I’ll never forget, a few years back I was dating this girl who had a Great Dane, and I walked into the apartment for the first time and saw a kennel that literally covered up half of the living room, and my mind was boggled.

The average male weighs somewhere around 160 pounds with some even getting up to 200 lbs., meanwhile, females are generally smaller but still well over 100 pounds… I can easily see one of these dogs having enough force to absolutely shatter a front door.

This event occurred in Barry, Illinois, where a mailman was delivering a family’s mail straight to the mailbox on their front door.

Everything appears to be going smooth, when all of a sudden, you hear glass absolutely shatter everywhere, rightfully scaring the ever livin’ hell out of the mailman, and he begins to quickly walk back to his car at an incredibly fast pace.

The problem? The dog nearly went through the front door… the glass front door.

The family gave a rundown of the event in the caption:

“Our Great Dane doesn’t know his size. He was protecting us from the mailman and couldn’t stop in time before smashing through our full glass front door. The mailman was thankfully walking away when the crash happened, but I am sure it gave him a heart attack.

Our too-big-for-his-own-good dog then ran right to his kennel. He was unharmed, thankfully, but we had to drop $500 on a new door. We love our loveable hand licking giant.

You can hear me yell at my husband to call the glass company and our kids screaming.”

You have to feel for both parties involved here. Great Danes can be some of the sweetest dogs around, but simply don’t know how big they are, which ultimately cost the family a whopping $500.

And then you have the mailman, who obviously doesn’t get paid enough for sh*t like this, and he may need to go to therapy for the PTSD this may have caused. It was so loud, he might’ve thought that someone was shooting at him.

Tough, tough scene.

Check it out:

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