Man Chased & Gored By A Bull Climbs On Top Of A Jeep And… Immediately Falls Off

Bull Spain jeep roof

I’ll never forget being when I was a kid and going over to my grandparents’ house every Sunday for lunch.

They had a few cows and a bull on their property, and my cousins and I would always jump the barbed-wire fence and test the bull like the absolute bozos we were, and every now and then the bull would charge us and we would hop back over the fence, thinking we were kings for even stepping foot inside the fence line in the first place.

However, it never crossed our minds that we could end up in the hospital, or ya know… in the afterlife.

With that being said, this video has provided a great reminder as to why our parents stopped letting us test the bull.

Now it’s uncertain where this took place, seems like Spain (where running away from bulls is apparently a hobby) or what pissed off the bull in the first place, but apparently it was enough to try and rip apart a dude limb by limb.

You can see in the video a guy running for his life, as the bull is practically on his heels.

Sure enough, the guy gets cornered with nowhere to go, and the bull gores him, just pulverizing him into the ground.

It truly is a miracle that the guy was able to get back on his feet, and jump on top of the vehicle that came to rescue him. Also, there’s a ton of people around, and numerous vehicles so I’m led to believe that this was encounter with the bull was no accident.

However, perhaps the funniest part is when he’s sitting on top of the car, doing everything he can to stay as far away from the bull as possible, but STILL proceeds to fall off of it, and is once again a sitting duck for the bull.

This may be the most unlucky day of this guy’s entire existence, and I’d bet a lot of money that his whole body is gonna be hurtin’ once that adrenaline wears off.

Check it out:

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