Florida Panther Makes A Run At Young Fawn Who Is Distracted By Approaching Black Bear

Florida panther bear

Imagine looking out your window and seeing something like that go down.

I mean, a panther, a deer and a black bear in your backyard all at once? All you need is a gator and you have the Florida Grand Slam.

Florida panthers are a rare animal, a subspecies of cougar that is only really found only in the southern part of the state. An apex predator that helps to control the population of other animals, they are very important for a state with such diverse wildlife. However, their population is currently endangered, with just over 200 individuals left in the wild.

Florida is also home to the white-tailed deer. These animals are found throughout the state and are a common sight in many rural and suburban areas. Like everywhere else, the deer have healthy populations and serve as a meal to both predators and hunters alike.

That includes black bears, which the state also has some small populations of. Black bears are omnivores eating everything and anything they can get into. Although they aren’t known for their hunting it still happens fairly often… especially when there is an easy target… like a fawn.

Which is why a young deer is going to be very weary of them.

Here, we see a doe and her fawn in a Florida backyard as they intensely, and nervously, watch a black bear at the tree line.

But as they keep their eyes on the black bear, a new and undetected threat is coming right for them. A Florida panther is sneaking around the house right up behind them.

In a crouched position, ready to pounce, the panther stays low until it finds the perfect opportunity.

Like predators do, the panther launches towards the fawn in attempt to get an easier meal.

The small deer takes her eyes off the black bear just in time to realize that it has a new attacker. It takes off and barely gets up to speed in time. The panther is on her tail but the deer tricks it in the long grass and made a break for it.

The deer got lucky on that day, with two predators eying them down at the same time.

Welcome to Florida… it is crazy out there, folks.

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