Lady Panics When She Finds Grizzly Bears Eating Dog Food In Her Backyard: “Teddy Just Won’t Listen”

Bears dogs

Dammit Teddy…

Nothing upsets most dogs like another creature taking their food. I get it, I wouldn’t be happy either.

Dogs are a treasure this world doesn’t deserve. But, many people understand that and care immensely for their fury friends.

Grizzly bears just don’t care though. And they have a right not to care because they are an incredible animal.

They are apex predators, meaning they are at the top of the food chain and have no natural predators. They are also considered a keystone species, meaning their presence plays a critical role in shaping the ecosystem they live in.

One of the most impressive things about the grizzly bear is their size. Males can weigh up to 600 pounds on average, while females can weigh up to 400. Their thick fur also adds to their bulk, giving them a larger appearance than they would have without it. Standing at 8 feet tall as well, this is just one massive animal.

The grizzly bear’s diet is diverse and depends on the season. They are omnivores and will eat a variety of food such as berries, roots, fish, and small mammals. They are also known to feed on larger animals such as elk, bison, and moose. Their powerful jaws and sharp claws allow them to catch and kill prey with ease.

Or help them chew up your dogs food…

This set of grizzly bears is seen in a Canadian back yard having their way with some dog food.

The dogs are losing their mind and so is the owner. But, what can they really do?

Not much…

The grizzlies don’t care about the racket because they are getting fed.

The woman is freaking out about the possibility of the bears finishing up with the dog food, and then turning one of her dogs into bear food, and rightfully so. We see one let off a quick false change, but these pups don’t seem dumb enough to tangle with the bears.

Thankfully the dogs didn’t go for the bears… but it was hell for the woman who was unable to get them into the house.

You can hear her on the phone with someone who tells her to go get a gun, and it’s almost like she forgot she had one because she immediately calmed down and hung up.

You’d imagine that living where she does in Canada, this wouldn’t be her first run-in with a grizz, but who really knows based on that wild reaction. In the end, it was no harm, no foul, so… kind of hilarious.

Keep that dog food tucked away if you’re in grizz country.

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