Pet Beaver (No, Really) Builds A Damn Out Of Random House Items


I’ll admit, I’ve never had an actual encounter with a beaver putting together a dam in a river.

In fact, to my immediate memory, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an actual beaver, besides roadkill while driving down my local highway.

Nevertheless, when you see a beaver dam, it’s pretty mind boggling to know that a family of small creatures put together something so elaborate and sturdy.

Of course, beavers are meant to be wild animals and not house pets, so the thought of watching one roaming around your own house may be even more mind boggling to me.

But sure enough, here we have a video of a beaver who has now temporarily become a house, doing the one thing it knows best…

Building a dam.

“This beaver is being raised by wildlife rehabbers after being orphaned as a newborn. Her parents were killed and their dam and lodge destroyed. Beavers are classified as nuisance animals in many US states and can be killed anytime.

Beavers need to spend 2 years with their human rehabbers. They need to have lots of opportunities to practice instinctive behaviors. This beaver enjoys playing this game inside the house but lives with the other orphaned beavers outside most of the time. We hope you fall in love, this misunderstood and unique species needs lots of it!”

In the video footage, you can see the beaver begin to pull random items from the house, and attempting to stack them all on top of each other in an effort to barricade a doorway.

The items consist of everything from a mini Christmas tree, to several toys, blankets, wrapping paper, and more.

Not gonna lie, it’s pretty funny watching the beaver dragging the items down the hallway and dropping them in the exact location it wants them to be.

Once it’s done, you can easily see that the entrance to the doorway is about completely blocked off.

Beavers gonna beaver.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock