California Cyclist Learns The Difference Between A Bull & A Cow… The Hard Way

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This is why Matthew McConaughey didn’t challenge the longhorn in that Lincoln commercial awhile back…

I’ll still never understand why people feel like they HAVE to get up close and personal with a bull, bison, elk, etc.

What do they think is gonna happen?

These creatures are not used to human interaction, so when they see a human approaching them, they’re gonna get defensive just about every single time.

ESPECIALLY if they see a foreign object, like a two-wheeled contraption charging right in their direction.

This situation is a little different, but just as wild nonetheless.

Here you can see some cyclists participating in The BMC Rock Cobbler, an 80-mile race near Bakersfield, California, when they notice a bull that has approached the trail.

According to Rock Cobbler website, the course “is a stupidly hard ride bordering on a race. It was conceived by drunken madmen…on a ride…then on barstools…late in the night. The Pebbler is less stupidly hard but still a true challenge.”

Already sounds fun…. not.

The course has an elevation gain of about 6,500 feet and cows are often spotted along the trail. However, for this particular cyclist, he learned the difference between a cow and a bull… the hard way.

In the video, we have some of the cyclists who appear to be off the trail, get out their phone to record what they believe to be a cow from first look… but, it’s not a cow.

It’s an 1800-pound bull that appears to be pretty unhappy that humans are taking up his personal space.

The bull makes its way onto the trail. A cyclist can be seen chugging right towards it with no intention to stop and wait for the creature to cross.

So, what happens next?

The bull lowers its head and sends the cyclist to the ground. BUT, it proceeds to come back for more, and sends the cyclist about seven or eight feet off the ground.

Yep, that one is gonna leave a mark.

Tony Inderbitzin, the cyclist who took the beating, confessed that he was really sore following the beatdown:

“I am extremely sore… I’ve never been this sore. Initially, right after the attack, my neck was killing me. That was the focal point of the soreness, now it’s the lower back.” 

Welp… lesson learned, Tony.

Just see for yourself:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock