Absolutely Shredded Mountain Lion Caught Up Close On Arizona Trail Cam

Mountain Lion

Can we get a PED check here?

A trailcam operated by a YouTube channel titled coyotecams captured an absolutely incredible up close video of a male mountain lion in southwest Arizona.

And while pretty much every mountain lion is quite impressive, this guy is a true specimen.

According to the video description, it’s the largest male they’ve gotten on camera and I have no doubt of that whatsoever. This dude is a tank.

Seeing the shoulder muscles ripple as he’s just calmly walking forward is terrifying, knowing he got those by chasing down and mauling a ton of deer.

According to AnimalAnswerGuide, the average mountain lion consumes the equivalent of around 48 deer per year, but given the size of this one, I’d bet he’s well into the 50’s.

The video’s description gave this explanation on how this super rare footage came to be.

“I have been keeping tabs on this stunning mountain lion for several months now. He is a huge adult male, the largest lion I have seen on my trail cameras so far.

Here he is checking out a scent marking that was left by a female in estrous just two days before.

This video is a rare treat for me as lions are typically very difficult to catch on camera; roaming territories that are usually measured in the tens of miles, it isn’t uncommon for a lion to wait months at a time before revisiting the same place twice.

I believe the presence of a female is a big part of the reason why I am continuing to see this male.

I am really lucky and excited to have captured this beautiful cat”

Lucky indeed, getting the opportunity to share with the world an up close shot of one of these mysterious animals sure is a treat.

If you happen to find yourself in southwest Arizona, keep your head on a swivel…

I don’t think this guy is much of a cuddler…

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