Luke Combs Announces New 18-Song Album Coming In March

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Luke Combs is wasting no time getting back in the studio.

In fact, it’s been less than 7 months since the release of his 3rd career studio album, Growin’ Up, and number 4 is already on the horizon.

Announced today, Luke revealed that his next project is set to drop in March.

Luke’s been one of the busiest guys in the business in the past few years, but it’s VERY rare that an artist puts out two albums in less than a year. Hell, in the mainstream, within two years is a pretty quick turnaround.

Nevertheless, Luke has promised fans an 18-song album coming March 24th.

And I have a feeling it’ll be called “Getting Old.”

Luke has been teasing a number of new songs lately, ones that he’s written since the release of his last album, as well as some hidden gems that didn’t make the cut.

We know he has a number of good songs waiting to find their home on an album, although many will probably never see the light of day, save for the occasional live show or acoustic video.

That said, Luke Combs has always been a man of the people, taking care of his fans as well as anybody in country music. It remains to be seen what kind of songs will make this record, or if there will be some kind of special angle to it, but either way, when you have the kind of momentum Luke Combs has right now (and has had for the past few years), the hell with the so-called release reschedule… crank that stuff out.

If it isn’t that upcoming bluegrass project he previously mentioned (fingers crossed), I just hope we get “Joe” on there:

Unreleased Luke Combs Songs

Luke already has the tracklist for his next album, the only question is… what’s gonna be on it?

Here’s some contenders:

1. “Growing Up And Gettin’ Old”

2. “We Still Drink Beer”

3. “See Me Now”

4. “Ever Mine”

5. “When It’s Raining”

6. “Family Tree”

7. “Love You Anyway”

8. “Five Leaf Clover”

He also shared a studio teaser of this one.

9. “Days Like These”

10. “Tattoo On A Sunburn”

11. “Still”

I imagine Luke will save this for the upcoming Bluegrass project.

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