Grizzly Gets Ahold Of Elk Calf In Grand Teton National Park With A Whole Crowd Watching

Grand Teton National Park

Nature is a cruel beast sometimes.

As much as people want to think it’s all sunshine and rainbows, that is far from the case.

The people going into the park to see animals got a good look at reality out there… I’m sure a look that was more than most bargained for.

Grizzly bears are one of if not the most notorious killer in the woods. A massive bear that will eat just about anything it can from berries or salmon to deer or dead animals.

Like most animals, a grizzly bears main focus is getting food. The can eat up to 30 pounds of food a day. Nothing out there is preying on them but they will prey on just about anything if the opportunity is right.

Elk just so happen to be almost the perfect size for many predators. Large enough for a few meals and they taste pretty good.

Elk calves are the target for most predators as they are the easiest to get down but still large enough for a very good meal.

This grizzly is seen running towards a whole herd of elk in Grand Teton National Park.

As it gets close the herd makes a break for it, but the bear notices one elk left over in the tall grass. A calf starts running away but the grizzly is on it and takes it out fast.

The whole group of tourists reacting in the back ground sets the tone for what is going on.

The herd comes back over to see but they realize its too late and turn back for safety. As the herd runs away, the grizzly violently drags the crying half alive elk the opposite direction giving everyone a show.

Nature doesn’t stop and all these animals need to eat.

That is as wild of an encounter as you can have at these parks.

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