Drone Captures Footage Of Tiger Shark Swimming Only A Few Feet From Oblivious Woman

shark drone

Yep, this is a real life scene from Jaws.

That may be the freakiest part about swimming in saltwater. The fact that you could be swimming out in the ocean, having the time of your life with your buddies, but a shark could be only a few feet away from your legs and you have absolutely no clue.

Of course, the water in the Atlantic Ocean is nowhere near as clear as the waters of Australia, but the thought still reigns true overseas.

Here we have a woman swimming at Whitfords Beach, just north of Perth in Western Australia.

A drone flying overhead captured the footage of a tiger shark that was swimming a handful of feat away from her, and she had absolutely no idea.

However, she eventually turned around to realize that the drone was videoing her, and capturing the too close for comfort encounter.

The Wanderlust Flyer Instagram page weighed in on the freaky scene in a post:

“We took this footage last Wednesday at Whitfords beach. Unknowingly many people were in the water, as you can see by this video the Tiger shark comes extremely close to this women, the shark was just curious and after inspecting her a little closer shows no interest and swims away.

Sharks unfortunately have such a bad name for them, due to rare attacks. When in reality we most likely swim with them everyday without knowing. We love our sharks.

 AS SOON as I realized people were still in the water after spotting the tiger shark, I immediately called through to the Surf Life Savers to inform them as well as sprinting down the beach from where I was filming (800 meters away) to get everyone out of the water. As a drone photographer we do everything that we can if we spot a shark at the beach to ensure everyone’s safety.”

Needless to say, this could’ve been a bad, BAD scene.

Check it out:

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