Larry Fleet Delivers ‘Back Porch Session’ Performance Of “Where I Find God,” “Workin’ Man,” & More

Larry Fleet country music

You can always count on Larry Fleet to deliver some good classic country with great songwriting.

Garden & Gun did a fantastic acoustic set with Fleet a few weeks ago as part of their Back Porch Sessions. The setting for this video is breathtaking, add Lary Fleet’s performance, and it’s pure magic.

The session took place at Riverfront Revival, where the altar served as the stage. Larry Fleet begins the session with “A Life Worth Living,” which is one of my favorites from him.

He tells the story of how he wrote this song based on a sign he saw in a pilot episode of a TV show his friend was going to be in.

“It has a sign in there said ‘Work a job worth workin’, live a life worth living.'”

The acoustics in the venue just let the words ring in the best way as Fleet sings.

Once he finishes the tune, he goes into his musical background. Family really influenced him from a young age as they would sit around and play music, and he wanted to join in. So, he learned how to play guitar.

He then goes into playing “Working Man,” which he admits was originally titled “Concrete Man,” after the time he spent pouring concrete for a living.

Not gonna lie, I kinda like the title “Concrete Man” better. More specific, more personal…

He wraps up the session with his breakout single from 2021, “Where I Find God.”

Fleet admits that he used to write songs that he thought would make it big on country radio. He knew that was a way to make money as a songwriter, but when that strategy got him nowhere, he changed his tactic.

Ironically enough, once he started writing about topics he knew and started writing from his heart, he made it on the radio. With the help of the iconic Connie Harrington, they sat down and wrote the tune of “Where I Find God.”

The backstory of how this song came about makes the listener appreciate it even more.

And it’s the perfect closer for this session.

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