Watch George Jones & Tammy Wynette Perform Their 1973 Hit, “We’re Gonna Hold On”

George & Tammy country music

Like most of middle America, I spend my Sunday nights watching Yellowstone and George & Tammy. A TV show about phenomenal ranchin’ and drama, followed by another limited series about one of country music’s most iconic love stories and duos.

Not a bad way to end the weekend if you’re asking me.

With the addition of George & Tammy to my Sunday night routine, I have spent more time learning about the chaotic character that was George Jones, along with listening to their music a little more closely.

A performance I have been loving recently is their duet of “We’re Gonna Hold On.”

This tune was one of their biggest hits. Released in 1973, it spent a consecutive fourteen weeks on the charts. The song’s lyrics talk about working through the trials and tribulations of a relationship, which seemed ironic given they divorced two years later.

It was no secret that George struggled with substance abuse, and the lyrics were seemingly about their marital issues.

“Life can be roughSometimes it’s kindA real good life is hard to find
But the best love is the one we’ve knownAnd the faith we have between us makes it grow.”

During this performance, the duo appears to be enjoying each other during the performance. Maybe not as charismatic as some of their other performances, but they still seem to be a happy couple.

There is no denying that based off of interviews and now the mini-series, being married to George Jones was not for the faint of heart. But then again, none of Tammy’s other husbands seemed to be anything to write home about either.

Nevertheless, it’s hard to deny the connection these two had, the magnetism, and it stuck around even after they divorced.

Whether this song was a reflection of the couple’s issues or not, it’s still a stellar tune.

Give it a listen for yourself.

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