Las Vegas Raiders Quarterback Derek Carr Finally Gets Benched

Derek Carr raiders
Michael Owens/Getty Images

Man, I didn’t see this one coming.

Okay, okay, I think we can all agree that the Las Vegas Raiders have had a disastrous season, as they’re only 6-9 with two games left to play.

They aren’t the worst in the league, but with the weapons they have on offense and defense, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be in the playoffs this season.

Josh Jacobs is a beast, Darren Waller is a stud tight end, and hell, they have arguably the best wide receiver in the league in Davante Adams. Adams however, hasn’t been getting as much action as he typically does.

Mainly because quarterback Derek Carr has been pretty bad here lately.

When you read the overall stats, they aren’t as bad as you’d think, as he’s thrown for 3,522 yards with 24 touchdowns and 14 interceptions, but the past few weeks have been absolutely atrocious for the 31-year-old QB.

And after his awful three interception game against Pittsburgh this past Saturday, where they ultimately lost the game on a last minute drive for the second time in three weeks, it appears that the Raiders are ready to give the offense to someone else.

It’s just been announced that Carr has been benched for backup quarterback Jarrett Stidham for the Raiders’ upcoming game against the San Francisco 49ers next Sunday.

It’s honestly tough news, because Carr is one of the most likeable quarterbacks in the league, but it’s evident that they need to attempt a fresh start.

Not to mention, head coach Josh McDaniels is fighting for his job after this incredible let down of a season, so he’s probably willing to make any moves necessary to please the fanbase.

Although… something tells me it might be the end of the road for both Carr and McDaniels in Las Vegas.

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