Hunter Rescues Doe From Young Whitetail Buck Who Nearly Killed Her Trying To Breed

The rut don’t stop for nothing…

This is some wild footage of the reality of what goes on out there.

Once a year, for a period of a few short weeks, bucks go into the rut. A period of time where everything changes and they go nearly crazy chasing after does for the chance to pass on their genetics.

The rut is a hunter’s dream because it’s the one time of year that large, mature and smart bucks will make a stupid mistakes. You know, the same way that guys do dumb shit when they’re trying to impress a girl… the same thing happens with deer.

The rut changes how a buck thinks and acts completely. Their priorities change from eating food and staying safety to fighting and breeding.

This buck was ruttin’ up a storm and would not take no as an answer from this doe.

The doe is seen laying flat out in a waterbody, clearly exhausted as a buck relentlessly bugs her to get up so he can get busy. The doe wants no parts of him. She gets up to move and the buck is quickly sniffin’ her up seeing if she’s ready to go again.

The doe lays back down and the buck just won’t leave her alone and continues to poke at her sides trying to get the doe to stand back up.

The man filming chases off the buck to try and save the does life, and luckily for the doe, the man arrived in time.

“After a morning of hunting, hunter Tim Lewis noticed this exhausted doe being bred and chased by a young buck, he was so enraged with the need to breed he nearly killed the doe trying to make her stand up so that he could breed her.”

Eventually, the doe regained her energy and was able to wander off.

The rut is a wild time of year…

He posted a follow up video elaborating even more on what he witnessed:

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