Woman Tries To Pet A Kangaroo… Doesn’t Go Well


As much as folks like to think that places like Yellowstone National park are full of dumb American tourists… it happens everywhere.

All across the world, people love to put themselves in harms way to get close to a wild animal.

A kangaroo is a really risky one though. They are an animal known to not shy away from people and to come on the offense quickly when threatened.

They are notoriously strong and can punch and kick with the best of them. Their kick is powerful enough to be deadly and they have claws that can shred skin quickly.

They can use their big tails to lean back and balance while they delivers a powerful kick to the midsection of whatever animal they are attacking. And with those sharp claws, they can tear right into flesh with relative ease.

Here’s a look at some kangaroo front claws.

So yeah… they may look cute, but stay away from them.

They aren’t known to be super dangerous to humans, attacks can, and do, happen from time to time.

This girl didn’t get the memo though.

In the video from Kangaroo Valley in New South Wales, Australia, you can see this woman heading straight for a lone kangaroo, clearly looking for the chance to pet one.

As she gets close the animal takes notice and seems immediately more on edge. It turns towards her and starts its charge, which to be honest, looks like a critter from the movie Aliens. It hops side to side with incredible agility, almost taking an impossible to track zig zag pattern towards the target. Good luck fighting that thing off…

As the woman starts to run for her life, a real-life nightmare occurs as she completely wipes out landing on her face.

The kangaroo charges right up to her but thankfully veers off as it sees her already on the ground.

Lesson learned? Doubt it…

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