Darren Criss and Lainey Wilson’s “Drunk On Christmas” Might Be Your New Favorite Holiday Song

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Arguably one of the best (and most necessary) parts of the holidays is catching a good buzz while you are with your family.

It helps eases family tensions and makes it so you can laugh off the awkward questions, but also, everyone loves bonding over a drink or two.

Darren Criss (who you might recognize from Glee), actor and songwriter, wrote up this fantastic little tune appropriately titled “Drunk On Christmas.”

And well folks, you guessed it, it’s about… drum roll please… getting drunk on Christmas. Nothing like slamming some mimosas and then opening presents.

Criss recruited Lainey Wilson to help out on the track’s vocals, and it’s simply fantastic. While Wilson was doing her CMT Campfire Session, he came out, and the duo performed it.

Criss gave a little backstory of the song before the band struck up the old-timey swing melody.

“So about a year ago, I wrote a little song about Christmas, and you (Lainey Wilson) were so generous to lend your voice to it. It’s the kind of song that makes me want to get drunk on Christmas, and it’s probably because the song’s called “Drunk on Christmas.”

So let’s see if you want to have a drink with us and celebrate the holidays with us.”

The duo harmonizes the lyrics, and the catchy words paired with the toe-tapping beat are easy on the ears.

The lyrics are so catchy you will find yourself humming them shortly after giving it a listen.

We’re gettin’ drunk, drunk on ChristmasBeen up since the crack of dawnSo we broke out the booze that we never useAs soon as all the kids and in-laws are gone

And isn’t it nice, spicing your cocoaWith a bit of SoCo just to give it a bite?We’re getting drunk on ChristmasAnd probably for the rest of the night.

I am a big fan of causal holiday songs that are light and bright and this song hits the nail on the head. It’s a great little tune with clever lyrics and a lighthearted message.

Give it a listen and thank us later when it becomes one of your favorites.

Just for fun, here is the official music video too.

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A beer bottle on a dock