Bobcat Sneaks Within Inches Of Deer Before Taking It Down


Sneaky sneaky…

These animals never cease to amaze. Even though I know it’s all they do, and all they know, I still get amazed by how good they are at just being themselves… skillful hunters.

Bobcats are silent little killers that roam a large part of our lands. Present in Canada, every state in the continental United States and Mexico, they have personalities similar to a house cat but are better hunters and are a bit larger in size.

They can be up to 30 pounds but generally are a bit smaller than that weighing about 20 pounds on average. Since they are meat eaters they usually take out various small game species. Rabbit or hare are their favorite, with grouse, rodents and any other small mammals always being an option too. Unfortunately, your dog could also make for an easy meal if small enough.

But, they have a skillset the can reach farther than one would think for their size. They are known to also target deer occasionally. Although deer are much larger on average their elusiveness and quick attacks allow them to be successful when the right opportunity presents itself.

This bobcat is seen sneaking up directly behind a feeding doe, and the deer doesn’t notice the bobcat at all.

The cat gets within inches of the deer and pauses, gives a little tail wag out of excitement for the meal its about to score, before taking a big ol’ leap directly on top of it.

The bobcat gets a good grip and goes for the kill zone, quickly taking the deer to the ground.

Game over just like that.

And from this hunter’s view, you can barely even see the bobcat save for those two little patches of white fur on its ears.

Stealth, speed, power, intelligence… what an amazing little creature.

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