Ashley McBryde And John Osborne Perform “Gospel Night At The Strip Club” On ‘The Tonight Show’

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Take ’em to the… strip club?

Or rather, take the church to the strip club? Either way, Miss Ashley McBryde penned an absolute gem with her song “Gospel Night At The Strip Club,” along with help from Aaron Raitiere, Benjy Davis, Brandy Clark, Connie Harrington and Nicolette Hayford.

From her recent fifth studio album Ashley McBryde Presents: Lindeville, she appeared on The Tonight Show to perform it alongside producer John Osborne (of Brothers Osborne).

She tells the story of exactly what the title suggests, what gospel night at the local Lindeville strip club is like, adding some very colorful lines in the lyrics about the special kind of fellowship that takes place over there.

Originally featuring vocals from Benjy Davis, Ashley takes over here, and it’s definitely not the typical song you’d hear no late night TV.

With the incredible set that features stained glass windows, church pews, and signs that read “girls, girls, girls,” along with an accompanying choir of misfits, I’d venture to say this is easily one of the best late night performances of the year:

Ashley received two Grammy nominations this year, one for the aforementioned album, and is set to be inducted into the Grand Ole Opry this Saturday night.

She’s one of the most original and authentic artists in mainstream country, and she certainly deserves every bit of her success and more.

“Gospel Night At The Strip Club”

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