This Cover Of Tyler Childers’ “Shake the Frost” Is A Killer

CJ prather country music

I’m a sucker for a good  Tyler Childers cover because while his voice is so distinctive and his lyrics are always so full of emotions that it’s always so cool to see how different singers interpret his songs.

Maggie Antone’s softer and slower cover of “Lady May” adds a peaceful yet more solemn tone to the song while Elle King’s “Jersey Giant” (though technically the only studio version of the song) brings more levity to the song than Childers’ version.

But my favorite Tyler Childers song as of right now is definitely “Shake the Frost.”

The title, the lyrics, just everything about it is amazing… the song even has some of the best first few lines of all time:

“You remind me of a Sunday
Back home in ole Kentucky
With the church choirs just beltin’ to the pines”

I mean, come ON with it.

But since this is my favorite, I am pretty picky about the covers I listen to despite loving covers normally. So, of course, I was a little skeptical of CJ Prather’s take.

I shouldn’t have been though because damn, it’s so good.

Prather has got this twangy soulful voice that just sounds like it’s coming from deep inside her soul, but at the same time, she brings this softness to the song that adds to the longing. But that twang also gives her voice those perfect cracks that reminds me a lot of Tyler Childers’ voice.

Also, maybe it’s just because I love listening to women sing country music, but I think it’s pretty fascinating that two of the buzziest Childers covers are by women and that this other cover is also by a woman.

It might just be because gender-bent covers are always so fun to listen to because there’s always going to be an inherent difference in the sound, but I love it.

You gotta check out this CJ Prather cover though if you love “Shake the Frost.”

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