Raccoon Hiding In A Trash Can Scares The Ever Livin’ Hell Out Of Texas Homeowner


I think I may hate raccoons more than any creature on this planet.

Growing up in BFE South Carolina, I can recall several times where we’ve caught raccoons rummaging through our trash, or raising cane on our front porch, and we end up having to shew them away with a broom.

Luckily enough, I’ve never been one of those unfortunate souls that has been attacked by one of these pesky things, and I hope I never do, because I’d be sent straight to the afterlife from a heart attack.

And for this guy in this video?

He nearly saw his life flash before his eyes, all thanks to a raccoon.

In the video, security footage captures a few raccoons rummaging around in the trash can in what appears to be a normal residential area in Plano, Texas, looking for a little early morning bite.

A couple of the raccoons end up running off, but the other one is still trying to grab as much food as it can.

The footage then fast forwards to the owner of the residence walking out to the driveway, about to throw something in the trash can.

Sure enough, he opens the lid to the trash can, and gets absolutely mortified by the raccoon that was still inside, staring right back at him.

That little scream he gives is an all timer.

The man who had the hilarious run in shared in the caption:

“As I will leaving the house Halloween morning headed to work, the garage stop in the driveway had a little surprise for the morning.

As soon as I lifted the lid of the garbage can, a stowaway raccoon was waiting on me to free him. It scared the living mess out of me and I may have or may not have screamed just a little bit.”

Check it out:

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