Bear Attacks Fawn While Cubs (And Horrified Colorado Mom) Watch From Above

Fawn bear

This ain’t Disney and that deer ain’t Bambi.

What a wild sequence.

We’ve said it time and time again, but nature is unforgiving. Everything needs to eat and sometimes that means the animal you want to see alive… gets eaten first.

But hell, it’s the same for people… someone had to kill that cow so you can eat a cheeseburger. Unless you hunt, fish, or raise your animals for food, we have the luxury of being far removed from the death that is necessary to feed us.

Deer have a rough go of it. Right from the time they are born, anything that can kill them is trying to. Then, when they actually grow old and big, and survive through everything chasing them, they get an arrow from some guy sitting in a tree or meet a car in the middle of the road.

Nature is easy to understand in a lot of ways. Deer are at the bottom, and the young, old, and weak are REALLY at the bottom of the chain. Only the strong survive and they have to fight for every bit of life they have.

Most people who spend time in the wilderness, or for example, live in Colorado, seem to understand this.

Except the woman (let’s call her “mom”) in this video…

In this Colorado backyard, a mama bear has sent her cubs up a tree while she tracks down a fawn for the family to eat.

The fawn is seen prancing around the yard, and the man behind the camera (let’s call him “dad”), spots the cubs up there in the tree. Which only means one things… mama bear isn’t far away.

The mother bear appears and chases the fawn back and forth, and the mom in the house is desperate to intervene and “stop the bear.”

Dad is more logical:

“What do you want me to do? Run down and save the fawn?”

Then mom gets another idea…

“No, no, no… get the BB gun. Can we open the gate, something? Dammit. We can’t let it kill the fawn!”

The dad and the son try to explain to mom that there is nothing they can do, and definitely nothing they can do with a BB gun.

Nature does what nature does and sometimes… it ain’t pretty.

The bear gains some ground on the young deer as the family continues to debate saving it, but there’s nothing they can do. The black bear catches up to the fawn, grabbing ahold of the neck and ending its life as quick as it started.

You’d think living in Colorado, this wouldn’t be mom’s first rodeo, but who knows… maybe it’s time to move back to the suburbs.

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