Baby Seal Swims Right Up And Tries To Climb Into Kayak

Baby seal

If that ain’t the cutest thing you’ve seen today, I don’t know what to tell you.

There’s just something so awesome about seals. If I had to put a finger on it, I would say it’s that the fact they are pretty much the dog of the ocean. And it’s hard not to like something like that.

They are just cute, playful animals that always are fun to watch whether they’re bathing in the sun or racing around to catch some fish.

Up close encounters should always be dealt with like anything as these animals have the ability to bite you very hard.

However, this is about as safe as an encounter, and as cute, as they come.

A group of kayakers were out to get a peak at some seals in Canada, when this young seal took a liking to them.

The seal approaches the kayakers and is seen trying to climb up onto the kayak as the people laugh. The seal keeps slipping off and can’t make it up.

What an experience while out looking for seals. You can’t get any closer than that.

They kayaker summed it all up.

“We got so lucky that one of the baby seals was curious enough to come see us and try to jump on our kayak twice and no one else.

He kept swimming around us. The seal did not make it onto the kayak unfortunately, he kept falling off. We couldn’t help him on as the guide has told us not to touch the wild animals, because they would get human scent on them and get rejected from their colony.

The video cuts off as the baby seal tries to jump on, because I just couldn’t help myself from laughing because I was not expecting that at all, and of course I had to stop and enjoy this amazing, once in a lifetime moment with the gorgeous water puppy!”

He also added that this particular seal was not trying to escape a predator such as an orca:

“Some people in my comments kept thinking the seal was escaping from an orca, was in danger, etc. As a matter of fact, it was just a curious baby, which is purely normal for them to do as they’re exploring (not very common from adult seals though, they’re more cautious).

There was no danger nearby and certainly no orcas in Gaspésie, orcas are to be found in BC. We assure you, the wild animal was entirely safe! Especially with us.”

Pretty cool.

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